Connecting Dunbar – Local Travel Survey 2011

A programme of surveys was carried out to determine the travel behaviour of residents and visitors to Dunbar, particularly with regard to journeys of less than 5 miles which could transfer to walking or cycling.

We gathered responses from 520 households, 450 school pupils and 80 employees from all areas of Ward 7.

Almost 1300 comments about daily travel were received, with most of the household comments mapped on this website – click the menus above to review them. These are dynamic maps, so you can zoom in and out or use the yellow man to visit the location using Google Street View.

Further information was gathered from travel diaries. Click Travel Diaries to review the static maps.  As a rough guide, these results were about 10% of  all daily walking, cycling, and car trips.The full written report with tables of data is available by clicking Text Report.