Keep me warm

Keeping our homes warm and comfortable and keeping on top of our electricity bills is increasingly difficult and expensive. It can be hard to find expert and impartial advice tailored to our needs, major energy saving measures can be expensive and it isn’t always easy to find tradespeople we can trust to do the work needed.

In some cases, planning regulations are also a problem. Many properties in Dunbar and District are in conservation areas or are listed buildings. This can mean restrictions on how homes can be made more energy efficient.

Sign up to the Household Canny Challenge and you will get practical help to:

  • assess how energy efficient your house is and develop action plans to improve it
  • meet with other people in your neighbourhood and organise hands-on – ‘get it done NOW’ – draughtbusting sessions, or find a joiner who will do the job for you
  • find ways to make it more affordable to purchase and install insulation and other energy saving measures, install solar panels or other renewables
  • monitor your energy and money savings….and more