Neighbourhood Groups

There are several registered Tenants and Resident Association Groups in East Lothian. Here is a current list of the groups who are registered with ELC and who to contact to find more information (see the list at the bottom of the page).

However, there are also several informal groups who have started to meet up in the last year that are not registered as official Tenants and Residents Associations as yet.

These Neighbourhood Groups are: Belhaven Neighbours Group; Kelly Place Neighbours Group; Bayswell Neighbours Group; Winterfield Neighbours Group; Tyninghame Neighbours Group; Dunbar High Street Neighbours Group.

If you live in any of these areas and would like more information and or wish to make contact with someone involved in these informal groups please email sue@sustainingdunbar and she will help you make contact.

If you do not have a Neighbourhood Group where you live and would like to start one up – the Neighbours Together project can help you to do this by:

  • Assisting you to gather people who live on your street together  to meet and discuss ways forward;
  • Assist your Neighbourhood Group to decide if they want to formalise the group and become a Tenants and Residents Association or just start to work as a Neighbourhood Group to get things done;
  • Assist your group to carry out a Neighbourhood Audit to map what needs fixing, planted, sorted and help you to bring these issues to people at East Lothian Council who would like to also help you improve your neighbourhood.
  • Assist your group to get your own Neighbourhood website and or face book pages up and running; and,
  • Give your group facilitation, advice and information support to make your streets safer, grow more of your own food or start up community gardens, take measures to generate and conserve more of your household energy etc.

East Lothian Tenants and Residents Local Group Register July 2012

There are Four Community Councils in Ward 7:

  1. Dunbar Community Council (representing Dunbar);
  2. East Lammermuir Community Council (representing Oldhamstocks, Innerwick, Spott and Stenton);
  3. West Barns Community Council
  4. Dunpender Community Council (East Linton and area)

Community Groups and local action