But why do I have to do anything at all?

You don’t. But you’ll feel a whole lot better if you do. Besides, there are some good reasons for acting now. Here are a few examples:

  • We can’t go on being so dependent on oil and other fossil fuels. We’re simply running out.  That’s why you’re having to pay more and more for heating and transport.
  • We can’t continue to use so much energy growing food and importing it from all over the world. We’ve got to think local.
  • We can’t assume we’ll be able to travel for business or pleasure for much longer in the way we do today.  We have to travel less and look at more efficient ways of getting around. that are more economical and less harmful to our environment.

There’s more – but this is also an opportunity to build a better future that could be very enjoyable, as well as being sustainable.