New Theme

In 2010 we released a start-up theme for OurLocality, based on the Twenty Ten theme. We called it We Love OurLocality. There were options to change the header image – select from one of ours or load up your own.

As well as options to modify the header image, you could change the colour of the title and menus, and even modify the height of the header image or remove it altogether.

Five years on the old theme is a bit out of date, and not so friendly on phones and tablets unless you activate the responsive or mobile tools we have installed for you.

So the old template and customisable features are gone (actually you can still use it, but its no longer our default theme). The new We Love Ourlocality is based on Twenty Fifteen, and is fully responsive, elegant and fast. The customizer has all you’ll need to make your site your own.

If you want extra features, we recommend activating JetPack, which requires grabbing an account with our very good friends at

You’ll then be able to customise everything through the stylesheet.

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