New Theme

In 2010 we released a start-up theme for OurLocality, based on the Twenty Ten theme. We called it We Love OurLocality. There were options to change the header image – select from one of ours or load up your own.

As well as options to modify the header image, you could change the colour of the title and menus, and even modify the height of the header image or remove it altogether.

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Fishing for trout

OMG can you believe this?

To get this kind of knowledge would not normally be cheap. Even fishing courses cost over £450, and they don’t really teach you what you need to know – so that you can be guaranteed to catch a fish every time. Books on Trout fishing can be as much as £80 – £100, usually good for the pictures but not so much the useful tips.

Same goes for printing leaflets, where hundreds – even thousands are spent. Yet most people won’t pay at all or more than a few quid for their website. Indeed they invest more time attending boring meetings than curating the web presence.

How to change the theme settings

In the dashboard under Appearance are 3 handy settings

Background (tip: select a complementary colour or it will look gash!)

Header (tip: if uploading your own image make sure it is the right size!)

OurLocality Options

Here you can change more things in the header (click the thumbnail for a preview), but don’t play with this until you’ve got a good idea what you want to do as it is easy to make it go ugly.