Idling – What’s the harm?

Vehicle idling results in high running costs and air pollution levels for drivers and pedestrians.

If each one of the estimated 80,000 cars on the road in Central Scotland idled for just 10
minutes a week, a staggering 416,000 litres of petrol could be wasted each year!

Did you know?

1. 10 seconds of engine idling uses more fuel than restarting (California Energy

2. 62% of people with asthma say that traffic fumes stop them in their tracks (Asthma UK).

3. Vehicle Idling wastes money

4. In 2005 air pollution contributed to 650 deaths per million people in the UK (3000 in
London alone) (European Environment Agency).

5. In UK, air pollution is responsible for a loss of approximately six months of life
expectancy (Health Protection Scotland).

6. Air pollution is responsible for 1 in 8 global deaths (World Health Organisation).