13 ways to reduce the emissions when you drive

  1. “Switch Off” your engine whenever possible-remember, Idling costs you money, pollutes the air and harms your environment.
  2. Regular servicing helps keep the engine at best efficiently. If you need your emissions checked free of charge, visit our testing van (see testing programme).
  3. Cold starts-drive off as soon as possible after starting.
  4. Minimise weight-don’t carry unnecessary weight, empty the clutter.
  5. Drive smoothly and efficiently-harsh acceleration and heavy braking have a very significant impact on fuel consumption. If you are going to stop take your foot off the accelerator early. Driving more smoothly saves fuel.
  6. Slow down-driving at high speeds significantly increases fuel consumption.
  7. Use higher gears as soon as traffic conditions allow.
  8. Remove roof racks when not in use; they add weight, increase drag and increase fuel consumption
  9. Regularly check your tyres to ensure that they are inflated to the correct pressure.
  10. Check your fuel consumption-it will help you get the most from the car. Changes in overall fuel consumption may indicate a fault.
  11. Use air-conditioning sparingly-running it continually will increase fuel consumption significantly.
  12. Plan ahead-choose uncongested routes, combine trips or car share. Perhaps try Lift Share
  13. Try to avoid using your car for short journeys-use public transport, ride a bicycle or walk whenever possible. Cars are more polluting so short journeys because they are cold.

Source: http://switchoffandbreathe.org/what-can-i-do/