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We are looking for 5 individuals or families to write a journal, weblog or blog of their experiences of the 3Rs over a couple weeks, which we’ll publish as the “recycling diaries”. In case you didn’t know the 3Rs are Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Get the kids involved.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an old hand, or perhaps find recycling rather frustrating or just curious and starting out.

As a reward you’ll get a very trendy moleskine notepad and some basic training in using our blogging software. If you’ve not had a blog or a moleskine before, you’ll never look back.

We expect a decent number of entries over the 2 weeks, but there’s no obligation to publish every day – we’re all busy these days. In fact we don’t recommend you do it more than daily – this isn’t twitter or facebook, but your stories – once published – will magically appear there too.

You can chose the style you wish write in, to suit your personality. You don’t have to be as funny as any of the Brockman’s (Outnumbered, the BBC sitcom with Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner), but if you are, well you are guaranteed a place and a signed contract! 😉

We’ll moderate the entries so you don’t have to worry about hitting the send button (you can edit them later). Mainly we hope to help out with trivia like formatting and other pesky computer related glitches. Thankfully no printing is involved.

And to top it, our favourite journal entry will get a little extra reward, again from the moleskin stable of notabilia.

The Recycling Diaries are all about sharing, and specifically your experiences about recycling, and while we are happy for you to use the journal to write up the good the bad and the ugly, all content must be family-friendly. The Moderator’s decision is final.

And finally, if you think you could do with a little extra help with the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), e.g. perhaps choosing a smell free home composting solution, then please get in touch with the team Household Canny Project, who will be hunting down between 4 and 6 contributors in the weeks ahead.