A “thought starter” …
Main messageCaptionSuggested use
Give nature a chanceleave no tracefor general use
Give birds a chanceleash your dogon entry to area where there are groundnesting birds
Give shorelines a chancetake dog waste homeon busier dog friendly beaches
Give dunes a chancestick to pathswhere dune repairs or new preferred paths are being reinforced
Give saltmarsh a chancedo not crossto discourage existing desirelines, encourage use of a preferred path
Give crops a chanceuse the field marginwhere desirelines are forming on agricultural land
Give farmers a chancedo not obstruct gateswhere there’s a chance of machinery getting blocked or parking is an obstruction
Give trees and chanceto growwhere people are cutting down or damaging trees for firewood
Give woods a chanceto recoverwhere old paths or desirelines have been brash fenced / blocked
Give residents a chancepark responsiblymainly in areas where people live, one can create simple maps of where to park and relieve pressure on residents
Give pedestrians a chanceslow downon quiet roads in villages, the harbour, East beach
Give wildlife a chanceleave what you findwhere foraging and picking is observed to be a problem
Give everyone a chancebe considerate of otherswhere potential user conflicts can arise, e.g. at shore road