Maintenance Classes

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Learn to Look After Your Bike class

Want to learn how to keep your bike running smoothly? Sustaining Dunbar runs tutorials for groups of up to 6 people. Book a place at a time to suit you by emailing




How much does it cost?

Classes are free if you sign up to Sustaining Dunbar’s Household Canny Challenge.

“The session was really helpful and the people friendly. I’m much more confident going out on my bike and cycling longer distances as I am now able to repair punctures and carry out basic repairs”

Stephen McArthur

What will I learn?

Basically, our course will give you the skills to look after your own bike and keep it on the road – how to set the best seat/handlebar height for comfortable riding, how to deal with annoying squeaks, mend a puncture and adjust brakes and gears. We recommend a 3.5 hour lesson.

Session 1 – The Basics

  • How to do a basic bike safety check
  • First aid for bikes e.g. adjusting gears, brakes, tightening bolts, tyre check and pumping up your tyres
  • How to remove and refit the wheels, tyre and inner tube, so you can fix a puncture
  • puncture repair
  • Stop the brake blocks rubbing when they’re off and squealing when they’re on
  • Adjust the gears so they accurately index (i.e. move the chain onto the next cog with each click of the lever)
  • Recommendations for routine bicycle servicing e.g. cleaning and lubricating your bike

Session 2

Recap of Session 1, plus:

  • Truing a buckled wheel
  • Aligning squint handlebars, so they’re at right angles to the front wheel
  • What to do if you suffer a broken brake or gear cable
  • Freeing a stiff chain link
  • Rejoining a broken chain
  • Tightening loose cranks and pedals
  • How to ‘boot’ a blown tyre sidewall

The Bike Station and Cycling Scotland has links to manuals and videos which on how to do this sort of stuff, but watching someone else do it and having a go yourself is the best way of learning; come and join us.

If you are keen to volunteer with us, we can help you to gain a Weldtech Gold accredited bike mechanic qualification. Get in touch to find out more.