About Bikeability

Do you want to learn to ride a bike and get fit for free? Be able to safely and confidently ride to the shops or go out with your children.

Do you want to get back on a bike after a long break, be more confident on the roads or save money and become a Cycle Commuter?

Sustaining Dunbar can arrange Bikeability cycle training for all ages and abilities. We mostly do sessions one to one but groups of up to 6 people can be taken out at a time convenient to you.

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How much does it cost?

Cycle training is free if you sign up to the Household Canny Project or join or create a Cycling Buddies group. We can also provide a limited number of bikes for free during training.  Cycling Buddies is an exciting project created by Sustaining Dunbar to encourage safe and healthy cycling around Dunbar for all ages. Dunbar is lucky to have the resources to train cyclists to the highest level.

What training will I receive?

Me cyclingOur National Standards qualified instructors teach the Bikeability syllabus. Bikeability comes in three levels.

Bikeability 1 – The training begins in traffic free situation, often in the playground, where basic bike handling skills are taught.

Bikeability 2 – On road training – basic manoeuvres and positioning are covered to tackle most on road situations.

Bikeability 3 –  More complex road junctions. At the end of the course you will be able to plan and cycle on road routes confidently.

Can I ride with my Family?


Dan Waters has a few years experience riding as a family. Above, touring Loch Lomond with Trail-gators, the children can go solo when required

Our trainers can demonstrate how to ride as a family in a safe and enjoyable manner. We also have Cycle Ride Leaders that can show you some of the most family friendly local cycle routes. You could do Bikeability together as a family and form your own Cycling Buddies family group for fun days out.

Can I get advanced Training?

Sustaining Dunbar can also provide cycle commuter training which includes road side repairs, navigating busy junctions and route planning. The commuter course is great for anyone wanting to cycle in Edinburgh. You can get training in Edinburgh but you will have to pay. Through the Household Canny Project it is free, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government and the Climate Challenge Fund.

Cycle Training Assistants

If you are interested in helping train P6 children at school we also provide free Cycle Training Assistant training. This will allow you to train children with the assistance of a Cycle Trainer.

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