Cycle Training Feedback

unnamedFeedack from some of the people who have done cycle training.

Alice Bayles 30’s

  • I wasn’t a confident cyclist especially on the roads. As I don’t drive I wanted to improve my cycling skills so that I could get about for practical as much as for leisure.
  • The instructor worked with me one on one so I was able to ask all the daft beginner questions that I needed to. We also rode the local routes that I wanted to be able to cycle. For instance how to get from my house to the high street including how to navigate the roundabout.
  • Another great aspect of the training was the option to attend cycle maintenance classes so now I know how to fix it if anything goes wrong when I’m out on my bike.
  • The gentle encouragement to go out and practice also made a big difference. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Clem Penny 20’s

Clem Penny off the beaten path

  • Bike maintenance advice, becoming familiar with different gear system, encouragement, a sense of freedom, companionship, fun, new routes/locations






Sofia McHugh 10’s

I enjoyed cycling more after a few weeks and find that I’m happier and more comfortable on the road. I can do things on the bike I couldn’t do before. I’m confident on parts of the road that I wasn’t confident on before.

Monica Menis (her mother)

I’m certainly much less anxious about Sofia cycling to school and back on her own.  She will still need supervision on unfamiliar routes, but at least now she’s independent of us, and that’s great for her.

Karell Sime 40s

I wanted to say that I am now feeling a lot more confident on my bike.  Thank you.

The 2 cycling sessions gave me just the right amount of information/skills to make me feel more in control on my bike.  The training I found most useful:-

  • Cycling round the bollards which made me think that I wasn’t as bad on a bike as I thought
  • Eye contract with motorists at junctions
  • Taking prime position (middle of the road) in certain situations

Thanks also for pointing out that my cottar pin needed replaced.  I got them both replaced at Belhaven Bikes as you suggested.

Moira Dempster 50’s