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SOS Dunbar Conservation Area

I received this in my inbox yesterday. I’ve been banging on about these issues since moving here in 2008 and got pretty much nowhere, so obviously welcome this proposal, at least in principle.
I’m getting in touch to let you know about an upcoming opportunity to get involved in discussions around ideas for addressing seemingly intransigent issues with some buildings within the Dunbar Conservation Area.
We are all aware of the detrimental effect of the poor state and appearance of a number of High Street buildings and others within the CA.  This includes buildings which have sat empty and unused for years, all the while deteriorating and at increasing risk of permanent loss.

All of the various bodies concerned with the ‘wellbeing’ of our wonderful town have identified this as a pressing issue, and a barrier to Dunbar reaching its full potential both in terms of simple civic pride, and of attracting the level of tourist footfall and economic benefit which it really merits. It is something which features at or near the top of any community consultation about concerns for the area.
Conversations have gone on over many years, around different potential routes to addressing this problem, but issues particularly with multiple ownership and with high costs have stood in the way of any viable plan being formulated to date.
There have been some preliminary conversations of late, about the possibility of using the format of a Buildings Preservation Trust, as a means to take temporary ownership of buildings considered to be at risk, in order to repair them and bring them back into full, safe and sightly use, whilst respecting their particular historical importance.
Any such trust would be an independent charity, which would seek to work in close collaboration with all other interested bodies within the Dunbar community, to deliver a common goal for the benefit of all.
If you would like to hear more, and to join in discussion, whether out of an arm’s length interest, or with a desire for hands-on involvement, please join us at the Dunmuir Hotel at 7pm on Tuesday 20 March.

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