Live in a listed building?

Don’t know much about its history? Plagued by a damp issue? Want to know why lime is better than quick fix cement? If you are maintaining, altering or renovating your listed home – or looking to buy one – The Scottish Listed Property Show may well be for you. One day for just a tenner you can hear how from experts and save you thousands.

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh
Saturday 27 October 2018
9am – 5pm


09:15 House History

Learn how to trace the history of your listed home and how you can use architectural clues and original records to bring the story of your house to life.

10:00 Understanding Dampness

Dampness is the biggest cause of deterioration in old buildings. Standard solutions that are applied for its treatment in modern buildings may be highly inappropriate and ineffective in traditionally constructed properties. This presentation explains the nature and causes of dampness, how to accurately diagnose it and the range of methods suitable for its control in older buildings.

10:45 Energy Saving and Conserving Historic Windows

This talk explores some of the practical ways to balance conservation and saving energy. Plus learn about renewable heating systems and how they benefit listed properties as well as the planet, and how Government incentives can help.

11:30 Ask the Experts

Our panel of leading industry professionals will be on hand to discuss a multitude of topics and answer your questions. Experts include Craig Wilson, the Club’s Scottish Conservation Advisor, VAT Advisor, Insurance Advisor, a Conservation Architect and property expert from The Sunday Times Home and Bricks and Mortar. Come armed with your pressing issues and concerns, and join in the debate.

12:45 Lime

Learn why lime plaster is a vital material that you will come across as a listed building owner. Discover how different lime techniques are used to create a durable, heritage, ecological finish that will outlast the quick fixes offered by modern materials.
By The Scottish Lime Trust

13:30 Listed Building Surveys

This talk discusses the main issues to consider when buying or owning a listed building, illustrates severe defects such as death watch beetle, dry rot and frost damage to brickwork and discusses practical ways of dealing with damp issues.

14:45 Architects

Extending, remodelling or converting your most valuable asset is always going to be a challenging experience, but if all goes well you will end up with the building you had originally dreamed of or better! Find out how using an architect can help to develop your ideas and how their design skills will realise potential in your property that you never knew existed.

16:30 What is The Listed Property Owners’ Club doing for listed property owners?

For the last 25 years, The Listed Property Owners’ Club has been helping and advising listed building owners on the everyday issues of ownership. The Club is also the only organisation providing a voice for listed property owners to MPs, Ministers and policymakers. Find out about the Club’s Political Campaign for Owners and discover how we are working with members of the UK Parliament and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Listed Properties to secure beneficial changes for you.

By dunbarheritage

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