Find a stop

You can do a search from the menu bar. Use a local name or a street name, along with a place name.

You can navigate to the summary map. Double click to zoom in. Click a stop and click the link in the balloon. Most stops are shown, though we’ve spotted a few missings already. Unmarked stops are red.

From an individual stop you can see its context in the description pane. From there you can get a list of all stops in that locality.

AND you can try your luck with Traveline’s new nextbus.mobi service. If realtime info is not available, the next scheduled service is shown.

How to vote

Navigate to your favourite or worst bus stop.

Click the Thumbs up or Thumbs down (and you can change your mind!).

If you like a comment: Thumbs up.

If you disagree: Thumbs down.

If adding comments to the bus stop page …

Shorthand notes will do:

e.g. Lovingly restored and beautiful bus stop 🙂

Or …

Graffiti and serious burning of the face of the timetable.

TT Illegible.

Missing TT Company X.

TT for Company Yout of date.

Flag broken.

Has not been cleaned recently.

If adding pics to the bus stop page …

Upload 1000 but no more than 1500px wide.

Compress using jpg or png.

Make sure the images are full frontal, clear and well lit.

Only add contextual pics if making a point,

e.g. the TT location is inappropriately positioned.

Feel free to highlight interesting graffiti![/wptabcontent]

If complaining about the buses …

You can:

1) Tell us if buses are systematically late, inaccessible, dirty or noisy (in East Lothian only), we’d be happy to hear about your problems. We may be able to take up systematic ones.

2) You should always first complain to the operator direct, who may wish to make amends. East Lothian Council will respond to complaints that relate to bus stop infrastructure or a supported (subsidised) service.

3) You may take unresolved complaints to Bus Passenger Platform, provided they are within their competence (they can’t do anything about timetabling) and you’ve hit the brick wall with the operator.

4) Contact your councillor, MP or MSP as they are always keen to get feedback from their constituents.

5) Or even better just join us here at RELBUS, the East Lothian Rural Bus Users Group and together we can help improve services for everyone.

Who are we?

This project was sponsored by S u s t a i n i n g Du n b a r and in association with RELBUS. We are regular and irregular bus users and non bus users too who’d like to catch a bus.

We are young people and older, and a lot in between who are wondering whether we will miss rural buses when they are gone!

So Use them or lose them!