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East Lothian Bus Stop Survey

We’re going to help the council get our bus stops into shape.

Bus stops aren’t always looked after nor do they have up to date and easy to read bus timetables.

Some rural stops aren’t even marked.

Bus stops get a bad press too and aren’t very popular, often attracting vandalism/anti social behaviour.

Most bus users don’t think that’s right, we’re sure visitors don’t and neither do we.

We think more people might use the bus if their experience while waiting for one and getting the information they need could be improved.


There are 700 + stops in the Traveline database, some of these are deleted (duplicates or no longer in use).

That still leaves around 680+ stops …

The green stops are marked with a pole and with or without a shelter. The red ones are unmarked stops. The orange ones are so-called Hail & Ride stops, but uncommon.