Twenty Twenty Four is here

Every year there’s a new default WordPress template. The last three have been full site editable and straight out of the box, they look superficially similar, both functionally and aesthetically. But there is plenty new.

Check this article for inspiration – the template is suitable for small groups, startup businesses, accomplished artists and bloggers alike:

Introducing Twenty Twenty-Four

You can try the template in all its raw simplicity here:
Use WordPress playground to tryout wordpress themes and plugins

Paired with Twentig, which comes with a manageable suite of template extensions, you can create a unique web presence reasonably quickly, using blocks of course to create e.g. a simple 1 page website, a blog or a multipage endeavour. We made this site in just under 1 2 hours.

If you are not convinced FSE is for you, do not worry, as for now the OurLocality default remains based on Twenty Twenty One and you can still pick a simpler block based theme.