The Garden of Scotland

You probably know that East Lothian has for long been described as ‘The Garden of Scotland’.  Local gardeners know the quality of the local soil – and you’ve told us you’d be delighted to buy more local food – at the right price.  Right now, you say, on your big weekly shop, it can be hard to identify exactly what is locally grown.

We’d like to find a way of connecting growers and consumers and developing new business models so that as wide a range of produce as possible found its way into your shopping basket. We will encourage and support new food fairs and local markets.

We also know that many of you would grow more of your food if there was access to land, some form of community garden or allotment. This community or cooperative element is just one factor in the even bigger question of the current agricultural and food supply system, currently geared towards large scale production, irrespective of local needs – and often at the expense of biodiversity and the environment.