Repair of traditional buildings

Overview | Find the cause | Use skilled people | Source suitable materials | Keep a record of repairs

Source suitable materials

Materials for repair work should be a good match for, and compatible with, the originals used. This is vital to preserve the character and fabric of your property. The repairs will also age in the same manner as the rest of the building.

Using the wrong materials may cause damage to your property. For example, damp and decay are likely if materials don’t allow the building to ‘breathe’ and moisture to escape.

Your contractor will have to source appropriate and matching materials from specialist suppliers.

Stone and brick for repairs should match existing masonry. A number of companies in Scotland offer a stone matching service.

Lime, stone, slate and other natural materials may need to be specially ordered.

Cast iron railings, finials, rhones and downpipes are often a standard pattern and may be held in stock by a foundry.

Standard items like chimney cans, lead, sarking boards, zinc ridges and some aggregates are readily available.

You may need permission to make changes – particularly if materials can’t be replaced on a like-for-like basis.