Repair of traditional buildings

Overview | Find the cause | Use skilled people | Source suitable materials | Keep a record of repairs

Use skilled people

You will need to engage the services of a skilled tradesperson to make repairs to a traditional building. You may also need to involve a surveyor, architect or engineer for large or complex repairs.

Read about how to find skilled tradespeople and professionals.

Repairs must be sympathetic to the original construction. You should choose a tradesperson who understands older buildings and their needs, and has experience of using traditional materials.

For large repairs in particular, it’s critical that work is correctly specified to ensure that the methods and materials are appropriate. Your appointed tradesperson should be able to manage this for you.

Discuss the repairs with them at the area needing attention. Be very clear about the work to be done. You may ask for a sample panel to be completed first for some types of work, like pointing and cleaning.

Badly executed repairs:

  • will affect the character of a property
  • may speed up decay and prompt further remedial work
  • may end up costing more in the long run