The 2025 Local Resilience and Action Plan Project

Maps can show you where you are. But a good map can show where you want to go and how to get there

What will the Dunbar and East Linton area look like in 2025? Where will we get our food, where will we work, how will we heat our homes, how will we travel?

During 2009/10, we have been building a community vision and action plan for a positive, locally resilient future for our community, beyond fossil fuels. No one person has all the answers to what this will look like or how we will get there.  Building this future will need the creative genius of all of us.

The aim for the 2025 Project is to fully involve, as many people (and as wide a cross-section of people) as possible, in the process of developing a vision map and action plans for our area to be a low carbon and more locally self-sufficient and resilient community, better able to face up to the major challenges which will affect us in the the years ahead -such as: diminishing oil and gas supplies, economic instability and extreme weather caused by climate change.

We have met and work with people of all ages throughout the Dunbar and East Linton area to map the past, the present and the future.

We collected information about and mapped our current situation with regards to where we get our food, our energy, how/why and where we travel, where we work etc. We will be mapping people’s knowledge about the past with regards to local food production, energy, transportation, enterprise etc.

Once everyone had a chance to think about the present and past, we collected peoples ideas for the future and developed action plans for producing more food and energy locally and to create a vibrant and sustainable  future for our community.

This consultation is the basis for our Vision and Action Plans.

We worked to enable everyone of all ages to develop action plans for moving forward into 2025 as a more locally self sufficient and  resilient community.  How can the challenges which we face be an opportunity for positive and creative change? For more information about this project please contact:

Philip Revell:

Susan Guy: