New for Twenty Twenty Three

The 2023 default WordPress template comes with 10 default styles. You will need to be comfy with full site editing, which means the style editor is moved from the left hand side customizer to the right hand side Style Editor.

On our platform you will find that we are still using 2021, but you are free to upgrade or stay with the old technology. There is no cut off. 🙂 Unlike FTTP which is another Great British Ripoff to extract rent from unsuspecting customers who don’t need Gb speeds. 🙁

Full site editing support

Twenty Twenty-Three is designed to support full site editing’s powerful features, including:

  • Site Editor: an editor that allows you to edit all parts of your site, navigate between templates, and more.
  • Styles: a feature that allows you to customize your site, including individual blocks, as much as you’d like with different colors, typography, layouts, and more.
  • Templates: edit, create, and manage templates used by pages, posts, and other content.
  • Template parts: a way to organize and display groups of blocks as part of a block template mainly for site structure, like Headers and Footers.
  • Theme blocks including the Navigation block, Query Loop block, and more.

Like its predecessor Twenty Twenty-Two, this theme is designed to use WordPress site-editing features instead of theCustomizer, which will be hidden by default. The Customizer may be automatically reactivated if you have plugins that require it.

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Twenty Twenty-Three includes several custom templates for you to use:

  • Blank: this displays post content without any additional blocks. 
  • Blog (Alternative): provides a different way of displaying blog posts, in a list format with the date on the left and the post title on the right.

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Block patterns

Explore patterns to save time while crafting creative layouts. Patterns are collections of predesigned blocks whose text and media content can be quickly swapped out with your own. Whether a call-to-action, an event announcement, or a pricing table, patterns can help jump-start the creation of your page or post.

10 different styles to pick from