Testing twenty twenty

To boldly go, to split the infinitive. One click makes it larger, and one click makes it small. And the clicks that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all.

Twenty Twenty Theme – Tutorial for New Users

The Twenty Twenty theme is very easy to use You only need to learn a few basic settings. This tutorial covers the basics: Coupled with Twentig, our favourite plugin, you can do most things faster than you can say boo to a goose.

The Sub Menu Problem

In the default position the sub menu works as expected But in the current position or when stacked using Twentig it overlaps and obscures the item above. Temporary fix (breaks the original design) Or as the doctor ordered:-

Block Editing

Block editing is reasonably simple. Just start typing at the prompt to get started. Hit return to start a new paragraph. Formatting options appear on the RHS, where you can muck around with font size and employ the drop caps. Each paragraph is a block. If editing a page created before enabling the Block Editor,…

Sample Page

If you are the site owner, remember to READ this PAGE and DELETE or make it DRAFT, before you start writing! Help for Beginners Free site Free = DIY. If you want to ask us a question feel free – but do it through the http://support.ourlocality.org forum. Want personal support? Consider a donation to Sustaining…