Update from Sustaining Dunbar

Original Design from East Lothian Council

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Parsonspool Street Design Workshop on 11th February; and thanks also to those who couldn’t attend but sent in their comments. Sustaining Dunbar wants local people to be involved in any decisions relating to the street in which they live and would welcome your feedback on whether the Street Design Workshop was an effective way to go about this, or if you can suggest alternative methods of consultation.

We passed all the information gathered from both the workshop and letters to Peter and George at East Lothian Council, and they have revised the street plan in light of your views. We enclose copies of the both original proposals and the revised plan. As you can imagine, it is impossible to accommodate everyone’s suggestions but you will notice that the revised design maximises the available road space to accommodate either echelon or parallel parking, and 10 additional spaces are hoped to be provided (coloured Purple).

You will notice that the existing planting areas have been removed as no-one expressed an interest in maintaining any planting and the council does not have the resources to take this on. It will be possible to install raised beds at a later point should anyone wish to green up the street. Similarly, Sustaining Dunbar or East Lothian Council may be able to identify additional funding for seating or art features, should you wish to install these.

As you know, East Lothian Council have been out and about surveying the roads and pavements and hope to begin work in the middle of March. The work should take around 16 weeks. But it is still not too late to comment on the design. To make further comments about the scheme, please contact Peter Forsyth at East Lothian Council on 01620 827827 or pforsyth@eastlothian.gov.uk.

Additional copies of the plans are available at the BeGreen Shop, 16 West Port, Dunbar.

New proposals after consultation with residents (Feb 2012)

Workshop Notes

The street design workshop on 11th of February was attended by 20 local residents, and others dropped in throughout the morning. You can read the notes from the workshop here. These notes have been passed to East Lothian Council who will revise their design in light of them.

Street Design Workshop – 11th February 9am-12noon

Parsonspool Design Workshop
Parsonspool Design Workshop

East Lothian Council will be starting work on the pavements and lighting in in Parsonspool in March this year.

Whether they do more than this is up to all friends of Parsonspool, so come along on 11th February to point out what else needs to be done.

Contact judy@sustainingdunbar.org or phone 866920 to book your space on 11th February.

The Parsonspool workshop is being organised by Sustaining Dunbar on behalf of Parsonspool residents and delivered by Sustrans.  For inspiration and background follow the progress of a similar project in Kirkcaldy, Templehall Kirkcaldy Street Design and Fife Today

Starting out

In January 2012 Sustaining Dunbar was approached by East Lothian Council about sorely needed resurfacing work for footpaths and roads in Parsonspool. Sustaining Dunbar has an interest in improving facilities and routes for pedestrians and cyclists around the town as part of our aims to encourage these modes of sustainable travel.

Realising that such extensive road-works are something that is not undertaken very often, Sustaining Dunbar felt that the residents of Parsonspool should have a say in the design and set about organising a public meeting run by experts on street design from the national organisation Sustrans. This website is a record of progress.