Will you share some information about your home and energy usage?

Please take less than ten minutes to fill in our survey, asking about the fabric of your home and energy use, to help us paint a picture across the Innerwick area.


This information will help us write a robust feasibility report, looking at how we might work together to lower our bills and make our homes warmer and more comfortable.

We could also support East Lothian Council’s ambitious plan for district heating across the county, especially for rural areas.

The more information we have across the Innerwick area, the better our feasibility report will be (more likely to draw funding and investment). Your information helps your neighbours, and everyone across East Lothian.

We will never share your detailed information with external parties.

We will be using the information to inform our feasibility report looking at how to improve energy efficiency of our homes.

Anonymised information will be shared with East Lothian Council.

Any questions at all about the use of this information, do let me know, I’m happy to talk about it. We take your privacy and security VERY seriously.

Please take part in this important part of our project, we value your information.

We will be out and about doing a visual survey, come and talk to us about any aspect of the project if you have time!

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By insulateinnerwick

Insulate Innerwick is a Sustaining Dunbar Project contact s.mcleary@smith-scott-mullan.co.uk for more information