What is a 20-minute neighbourhood?

The 20-minute neighbourhood idea makes it a little easier to conceptualise and align spatial planning (homes and services) with transport planning (the infrastructure), which can be designed to make it easier for people to walk, cycle or access public transport as easy alternatives to using the motor car.

In some cases services and amenities may be shared between neighbourhoods, depending on the population density or its dispersal in an area. So in many contexts – urban and rural – one or more destinations may be meeting the needs of a number of local communities.

30 minute shared services based on TravelTime analysis

20-minute neighbourhoods may be more difficult to implement in remote rural villages, but this only emphasises the need for adequate public transport options between these villages and not being overly dogmatic about the appropriate use of motorised transport, which could be shared rather than owned.

But what about right here in Dunbar?

Say you live on Lochend Road, exactly how far can you cycle in 10 minutes? Try our little map tool.

We used “ask a friend” to modify the mapbox code, and we can now drag the marker to a given location, while modifying the walk, cycle or drive time by any interval you like or even search, in our case restricted to anywhere in East Lothian!

Alternatively there is the longer read, which might take you a lot longer than 20 minutes …