• Contact your local politician and freedom of information

    Contact your local politician and freedom of information

    It is surprisingly easy to contact your local MP or MSP these days, by email. You may be surprised by how quickly some of them get back to you and on the case.  If you are investigating an issue, or want an issue investigated, head over to any of these services so that you are…

  • Dunbar’s Dark Closes

    A quick search for Dunbar Closes on Google yields more information about Dunbar Close (Edinburgh) and its delightfully peaceful garden by none other than Sir Patrick Geddes, than anything about Dunbar’s intricate network of vennels or alleyways, which give access to private homes and short cuts between the High St and the backlands of Dunbar.…

  • Pen to paper

    How often does a problem or complaint simmer away before you put pen to paper? And then who should you write to? Here’s an idea that caught my eye, from those great great people at MySociety.org. Give it a whirl, with a live issue. Here’s one that will force us back into the dark ages.