Using the Compost

Your newly harvested compost is full of beneficial bacteria and organisms that promote healthy plant growth. If the compost is stored for any length of time, these organisms die off especially if it either becomes water logged or dries out. So it is best to use it as soon as possible after harvesting.


The compost that you have made in your worm box is very rich and nutritious. Many studies have been done on the benefits of growing plants in this type of compost (vermicast). In fact, you will have to dilute your worm compost with either some potting compost or soil because it is too rich to use on its own.


Mix approximately ten parts soil, garden compost or bought potting compost with one part worm compost (10:1). This will ensure that the mix is not too rich but will give the plants access to the nutrients that they need. It also means that your precious vermicast will go a long way!

Use your mix around the garden (preferably to grow vegetables in the veg plot) when potting on or planting out. Seeds need very little nutrition to germinate so use very sparingly in a seed mix. Use your vermicast to condition the soil by spreading it on the surface and digging it in straight. Be creative, use it however you like but just get it to the plant roots!