Make $5 a Minute

Everyone hates Spam, don’t they.

But surely it really can’t work? Only little old ladies who don’t know the internet is open on Sundays would click on the dubious subject lines, let alone click through and actually pass over their credit card details?

Well, I found this formula here:

Daily Revenue = # Emails sent per middleman * # Middlemen computers * % of emails Delivered * % of emails that get through the spam Filter * % of recipients that Visit the site * % who Buy something * average Purchase price.

R = E * M * D * (F * V) * B * P

Which ends up being about:

R = 1.7 million/day * ~550 * 23.8% * (0.0127%) * 0.266% * $100

So you can see that our 4 conditions from above (F*V*B, or those that got past the Filter and caused a Visit and something was Bought) only account for a 0.000008% success rate of these spam emails.

AND, that’s only for the 24% of emails that even get delivered (most go to inactive emails). How is it worth it?!

E * M is how. 1.7 million for each of the 550 computers, and remember, that’s daily. That’s 935 million emails a day, or almost 650,000 a minute.  After 650,000 emails are sent out, there’s a 5% chance someone purchased something. So, over the course of the day, it takes about 19 minutes to make a $100 sale.

Now they’ve made it look so easy, we all want to make $5/minute?

And now for something almost as unbearable as Spam (or Brexit) for that matter.