Understanding Twenty Twenty Two

European herring gull (Larus Argentatus) illustrated by the von Wright brothers. Digitally enhanced from our own 1929 folio version of Svenska Fåglar Efter Naturen Och Pa Sten Ritade.

The new template theme TWENTY TWENTY TWO takes a little getting used to. First off the simplicity is deceptive, but look under the bonnet and there are quite a few features to discover. A range of page and post templates and the ability to design your own front page template, work up any page from a completely blank page and also modify the default templates – all using the new block editor.





The block editor is a conceptual leap forward making it much easier to add pizazz to news, stories, blog posts, and whatever.

Full site editing (FSE) is a bit of a palaver as it entails editing different template parts, the special page templates that lurk behind the scenes in a standard WordPress theme (the header and the footer, the 404 not found page, the search and archive pages).

FSE uses the same block design philosophy to allow anyone building a site pretty much from scratch, to design without code, that said it is not always easy to see how it all works without quite a bit of trial & error. In fact it is a giant leap forward that will delight some, but probably frustrate as many, if they are not used to the WordPress block editing paradigm or if websites are not really your thing.

We have played around with it for this site and have enjoyed discovering the features. If you want to give it a go, remember that most of the customizer functions are removed (the site title, site description and user added css are all that you will find there). Park the toolbar so it doesn’t float and use the list structure when you get lost.

There are plenty of good tuts out there, so we ain’t gonna waste your time or ours creating another one, for you might say this blog post is already long enough. So I’ll leave it there.

If you run into an issue, ping us a mail.

Things you can do with a paperclip

Long string and some css code were used in the making of this website.