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Inertia prevents many people from switching. Switching their bank, energy supplier, or their insurance provider. The idea that there is a better deal out there might sound appealing on one level, until you actually have to feel the pain of doing it. So many don’t. Regulators and economists seem to overlook this.

It is much the same with website templates (and website technologies). Many users stick with what they know … perhaps long after their template has been abandoned, demonstrably no longer working by modern standards (e.g. looks dreadful on a phone), or worse throws up ugly errors.

However, switching templates, like switching bank, is a faff, especially if website management isn’t part of the daytime job. Experience suggests many will postpone indefinitely until something breaks or worse they find their website has been taken over/defaced. It happens to the best people. But if you are using an older template (more than 5 years old or not received updates in 2 years) and you value your digital presence / reputation, you’d be wise to consider a switch.

If you having been thinking of embarking on a change, but have procrastinated, why not reach out. We’ll happily give you some free advice and perhaps lend a helping hand, as it is after all the season of goodwill – meaning that there is still snow on the ground.

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