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Natural ScotlandWest Barns Primary School is working with The Household and School Canny Challenge Project as part of their Eco School and Green Flag Programme.

The Household and School Canny Challenge is a local project based in the East Linton and Dunbar District and funded by the Scottish Government.  The aim is to help schools and households to reduce their energy and food bills and C02 emissions and to make your streets and roads safer for playing, walking and cycling.

This project will help the school to get and maintain its Green Flag and contribute towards delivering a number of the curriculum for excellence learning objectives such as Social Studies – learning about People, Place and Our Environment; Sciences – learning about  Planet Earth; Literacy and English – learning about talking , understanding, analysing and evaluating; RME – learning about the Development of Beliefs and Values; Numeracy and Mathematics – learning about Information handling, data analysis, evaluating and interpreting data; Health and Wellbeing – learning about Social Wellbeing, Self Awareness and Interdependence.

Over the next few weeks the P6-7 classes will be participating in the following activities:

  1. The first session enables them to map the area around their school and where they live and identify what food is growing as well as enable them to identify where more food could grow and to develop their garden plans.
  2. The second session gives the children an exercise to take home to measure food waste and to develop a household plan to reduce food waste.
  3. The fourth session enables the children to map the streets where the play, walk and cycle and identify any danger zones and to plan ways to make their street nicer and safer. This can develop into a Neighbourhood Plan if their parents are interested.
  4. The third session enables the children to map their homes energy use and to identify where the cold drafts are coming in and to plan ways to reduce these draughts (here our project offers home support and does draught proofing if you want it).
  5. The sixth session will happen at the end of term to find out how their School & Household Canny Challenge action plans are going.

For more information contact : sue@sustainingdunbar.org


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