Dunbar community given support to deliver electric van

Sparewheels CIC has part-funded the purchase of a shared electric van for community-run enterprises in Dunbar.
This van will be a shared asset between the Community Carrot, Dunbar Community Bakery and The Ridge SCIO.

Benefit  – The grant allows the deliveries of regular boxes of locally grown and produced fresh food and vegetables  to homes, schools and businesses in an around Dunbar. The regular deliveries can now be done carbon free and the vehicle is able to be shared with the Community Bakery. This sharing will have the environmental benefit of further reducing the ‘food miles’ required to deliver food to the customer.  This vehicle will enable regular deliveries to be made to elderly people who find it difficult to visit these Community shops.

Quote – “Without this grant we would have been unable to afford the purchase of an electric vehicle and we would have had to buy a second hand diesel vehicle”.