Photo of Robert piloting the new trike

New tricycle for Cycling Without Age in North Berwick

SpareWheels first grant was to a new chapter of Cycling Without Age in North Berwick to allow them to purchase an electric tricycle for jaunts around the town. A partnership with North Berwick Day Centre has trained up 9 pilots to use the bike and take people on tours.

Benefit – These specially adapted electric ‘trishaw’ cycles enable older people who have limited mobility to still appreciate the outdoors and the thrills of cycling. Other members of the public will see these electric trishaw bikes on the road and how they successfully negotiate the hills within North Berwick with two people on the front of the trishaw. People will be encouraged to consider the benefits of electric bikes themselves in small town when there is a lack of public car parking spaces.

 “Two elderly passengers were merrily singing with joy as their trishaw sped down the streets of North Berwick on a sunny afternoon”       Pilot of the Tricycle               

“Older people have the opportunity to feel fresh air on their faces as they cycle around and are able to have a conversation with the person they go on the trishaw with …. it builds confidence and they have the opportunity to have fun”