Scheduled Upgrade – [done & dusted]

How long until midnight? 
When did pets become throwaway? 
Did someone oil the gate? 
Will mushrooms populate the carpet? 
Who ate all the honey? 
If the picture frames are askew 
does it matter?

[from Late Questions]

It is all done now.

We’re planning a server upgrade during working hours, probably as early as this Friday morning, so apols for the short notice.

That is was 15th Dec 2021.

We’ll update you on the exact scheduled times, but for now recommend you don’t plan on working on your websites between 3pm and 5pm 9am and 12am. The upgrade should take a lot less than that, but the window allows us to identify and mop up an issues, should any arise. The upgrade will be performed by our fantastic hosts at Mythic Beasts.

During the upgrade access to services will be temporarily closed. Updates that are performed tomorrow morning may be lost or interrupted, so take a break, go shopping or take a long walk, and keep away from your ourlocality website/s.

If you have a major event or a launch planned for this Friday, let me know now and I will review whether to postpone to a quieter time.

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