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Earlier this year I had the privilege of being invited to talk to a P7 class (11 and 12-year-olds) about my ideas on writing and my experiences of the world of books.

The idea was that I was to kick-start a project on a writing theme for them that would result in the publishing of a book.

As you can imagine, lives of schools are rather hectic and things became swamped by other priorities (there are always other priorities), but the stories were written and edited by the children and that was the main part of their work done.

Last week, it became clear that it was going to be something of a rush job to put it together, but put it together we did and I’m rather proud of the result.

You might want to find out why by following the link here and getting yourself a free kindle copy:  Skin Deep Young Scottish Voices

As you might imagine, the result is varied and it helps to know the children to understand how each of them has stretched themselves to the full.

What isn’t necessary in that respect is when you read some of the talent here and realise that the future of Scottish writing is in good hands.  Several of the stories will have you clapping, I reckon.

Once it’s not free, any money made will go to the class’s charity choice, Cancer Research.

It’s a funny thing being a teacher, or indeed to have any responsibility for children in whatever form that takes.

My belief is that the opportunity to see possibilities is hugely important, that celebrating achievement is vital and that taking things as far as they can in a positive way is where we should be looking.

This book is the end point in taking this particular class of children to its extreme and I hope they’ll appreciate it in years to come, either as an experience or as a memento of their primary school years.

I guess what I’m hoping is that you’ll jump on board to download, that you might read a little of it and that you might leave them a comment at Amazon (they may put it up as a blog post, also, so drop in).

I’d also like others in a position to be able to do so to take it on and get those ebooks out for their classes or groups.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to do something similar for my children’s school next year.  It’s very rewarding and I’d be happy to offer my services (and just in case it’s not clear, for the love of it and not for any financial reward).

It’s been a big job – if you think about taking it on, make sure you keep that in mind.  20 – 30 hours is what I’d guess at for this particular effort, not including class time.

So, that’s it from me.

I hope you like it.


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