The Fiddlesticks orchestra recently put out a call for fundraising ideas.

I believe that it’s really important to offer children a wide range of great opportunities in order to help them to flourish – that strength of belief may stem from my 25 years as a teacher or my 10 as a father, not that it matters.

We’re lucky in Dunbar to have so many such opportunities, but they all rely on effort and cash.

Fiddlesticks, the orchestra which my eldest has been attending and absolutely loving, needs some help to maintain its attempts to keep it working at the best of its potential, including the putting on of a concert at the Brunton Theatre later this year.

I don’t have many skills to offer.  I have packed bags at Asda (can do that) and give up time for the swimming club (can manage) and have done my bit for the film society (admitedly, it was only a bit).

What I can offer is my writing.

To this end, all funds raised by my children’s/young adult/Dunbar-set novella are going to go the musicians.  I mentioned that in relation to the kindle edition recently, but I can now give you the link for the paperback.  It’s here.

The bonus with the paperback is that it’s illustrated.

Hopefully it will look great.

Take a look if you’re interested and see if it’s something that might interest you or your children.  £1.50 will go to the orchestra for each sale.

Many thanks,


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