the old dog

Two new reviews this week at Amazon for Dirty Old Town, both of them by writers I admire.

Here goes:

‘Noir With Soul – There is depth, humanity, an ironic sense of humor mimicking real life. His stories reach in and ask questions, where most noir forces the answer without taking the time to build the question. I find this incredibly refreshing and it shows Nigel’s talent. I would love to read a longer work by this writer. For lovers of noir and crime this collection is a must read.’ Jodi MacArthur (Sea Of Imagination)

‘Every story is really well-written and each brings its own charms and surprises. The stories are really varied – touching, menacing, chilling, sad, violent – but what they all have is honesty and immediacy… Really good stuff. I always look forward to one of Nigel’s short stories because I know I’m going to get something fresh and exciting.’ Donna Moore (Old Dogs)

For me, the smiles of the week. 🙂

I’m also delighted to have been sent a review copy of Heath Lowrance’s new novel, The Bastard Hand (out soon from New Pulp Press).