Tell us about your organisation and why it needed a good website

We’re part of the Life Science Trust, an international body that promotes the ideas of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe then developed by Rudolf Steiner . We run a local project in the woods up above Gifford, which is very remote, so the website is an invaluable way of staying connected and documenting what is happening in the woods.

Houston we have a problem!

After a few years our old website was looking tired and outdated, still had dozens of “pages under construction”.  The website used older technology, which no one knew how to use and frames, so was not searchable by Google. It was not easy for users to find up to date or useful content.

How did Ourlocality help resolve your problem?

We didn’t really know what we were doing or how to resolve the technical issues, as we are all volunteers and non technical. The platform allowed us to be up and running in a matter of hours, while using very simple editing and management tools to create our own pages and news. With help from the people at Sustaining Dunbar we went a bit further and embedded donation buttons and were able to manage events very simply too.

What would you say to others?

We’ve benefitted from the publishing platform for a number of years now and found SD to be always helpful and very fast in responding to support requests. We could not always get the features we were looking for, but understand that this would have entailed a significant additional cost. The free platform is actually very versatile and with help from a volunteer designer we made a number of subtle changes that made our website uniquely our own. We’re still learning, but that’s because the system is pretty impressive.

And how much did it cost?

Nothing. We’re still looking to find ways of repaying our gratitude.