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If you are lacking design inspiration and you want to show off a new page, as well as your templates native patterns, there’s a new public pattern library on the website, which can you can borrow and adapt … It is as easy as copy and paste.

It is a work in progress, right now so there’s not a huge range to choose from. But, with patience and a bit of design talent you too can easily build your own and save them there. Have fun.

Patents or patterns?

by anaerial design

Here is another one:

and another one (Parian sculptures were extremely popular in the mid 19thC) :

16th century leader of the Iroquois Confederacy, sculpted by Edmonia Lewis in 1868.


16th century Dakota woman and Hiawatha’s lover, sculpted by Edmonia Lewis in 1868.


and I will reward myself now with a stomach turning beer …



And here is one I made for a laugh

The gull has the last laugh

Larus ridibundus

All gulls are protected species in the UK, though the black headed gull is not especially threatened. The eggs are a delicacy when boiled and served with asparagus spears, smoked rapeseed oil mayonnaise and a celery salt. Thousands of eggs are sold annually during a short season in exclusive restaurants.



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