Papering over the cracks

Two hundred years on and any wall that has had several coats of traditional paint, and many more coats of less traditional plastic paint and perhaps a variety of wall coverings is ready for a new coat of plaster. Or a trendy modern paper covering. Right? Well it depends on the desired finish. ¬†Want your […]

Old School Radiators

The case for Cast Iron Radiators

Wet systems have gone all compact and microbore over the years. This must have lowered the costs and speeded up installation considerably. It will probably have increased the number of leaky radiators – have you ever noticed how easy it is to bash the flimsy pipes with a hoover? Microbore is great for compact living […]

Painted Wood Floor Finsihed with Auro Hard Wax

Restore old floorboards

There is a lot of advice on practical treatments for repairing and restoring old pine floorboards, but only a few don’t involve a lot of cost or arcane techniques, or drastic and inappropriate treatments. Some of the low cost measures are the most effective though. My favourites are distressed painted floor finishes treated with nothing […]

Draughtex Floor

Today I’ve been draughtproofing floors with Draughtex

It goes without saying that old houses are a bit draughty, but that’s why you bought one isn’t it? You don’t like the suffocating dry heat of a modern centrally heated home? Even so, the natural draughts of old houses can get unruly when you get the wrong sort of wind blowing super chilled air […]