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Back from the Dalton 2014 Joint Interest Groups meeting

Thoroughly enjoyed heading to The University of Warwick for this conference. It was an excellent opportunity to meet up with inorganic chemists from across the UK and the plenary speakers are world-leading international scientists (Ingo Krossing and Kit Cummins). I had an excellent slot on the first day kicking off the Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry Group meeting and the lecture theater was huge! Had a chance to catch up with old supervisors and friends and hopefully made some new contacts as well.

Reflecting on the Organometallics roundtable discussion

Although only introduced recently, the concept of publishing an article based on a discussion between key-academics is really interesting as it allows much more of a discussion to science than traditionally printed articles. A few key points really stood out ( such as “it would be useful to develop arrays of catalysts that can operate in a cooperative manner, via appropriate regulatory mechanisms that allow turning the catalysts on and off” and “that researchers should seek to catalyze new and different reactions.” Always good to see your own papers mentioned too!
(7) (a) Arnold, P. L.; Turner, Z. R.; Bellabarba, R. M.; Tooze, R. P. Chem. Sci. 2011, 2 ,77 − 79. (b) Mansell, S. M.; Kaltsoyannis, N.; Arnold, P. L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011 , 133 , 9036 − 9051. (c) Mansell, S. M.; Farnaby, J. H.; Germeroth, A. I.; Arnold, P. L. Organometallics 2013, 32 , 4214 − 4222.

Scottish Crucible 2nd Day at The Scottish Parliament

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012.

It’s recess at the Scottish parliament which allowed us to visit for the second day of the Scottish Crucible. Learning about how the parliament works was something I’d always meant to figure out but hadn’t got around to until today. We learned all about how it works, how policy is generated and how we can use our knowledge to help researchers and politicians decide on the best course of action. Some cross-party groups of relevance to my interests include:

    Colleges and Universities
    Oil and Gas
    Science and Technology

Take home message: be accurate, short and to the point in order to make your research user friendly!

Scottish Crucible – First day

I had a really great time yesterday attending the first day of the Scottish Crucible. I met lots of great young researchers and got some fantastic advice from science journalists; Vivienne Parry, Sue Armstrong, Stuart Blackman and Olga Wojtas. The dinner at The Royal Society of Edinburgh was great fun and gave me a fantastic opportunity to chat to the movers and shakers. Today: The Scottish Parliament!