Monthly Archives: March 2014

Science communication with Dr Bunhead

Excellent course yesterday on Science communication presented by Tom Pringle (aka ). Looking forward to using a few ideas to help make my presentations more interesting to children, students and academics alike (although I won’t be using the same techniques on them all!).

Scottish Dalton conference in sunny St. Andrews

Spoke at the Scottish Dalton conference and it is always great to go to St. Andrews when it is sunny! Got a good response from my talk and it was an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends from the University of Edinburgh. I also got to know a few more people who are doing great things in inorganic chemistry throughout Scotland, and this even included a few of the northern universities as well such as Leeds, Durham and Newcastle!

Upcoming events

It’s Friday but I’m looking forward to next week. I’m talking at the Scottish Dalton meeting which brings together inorganic chemists from all over Scotland and this year we’re meeting in St. Andrews which is always a nice place to be on a sunny day! The day after I’m attending a course presented by none other than Dr Bunhead so expect more flashiness and Mintos-based explosions when I return.