A style website or blog, (or both!) You’ll be part of an OurLocality community near you.  The best bit, if you need another site, microsite, campaign site that’s free too!  If you are a community group we’ll help you get started.  Whatever your publishing aims, this package is open to all.  The OurLocality community will support you! 

Price: £ree


Is the all the above with extra goodies.  Extra templates to beautify your site; fancy plugins to turbo charge your website or blog; extra space to store your valuable assets. The OurLocality community will support you!

Price: £25/feature (unfunded groups should enquire whether they can get it free)


Not quite ready for the Freedom! package or just too busy? Then Managed! might be be for you. We’ll reduce the admin burden and help you chose a theme, put together a site structure and build a half a dozen pages with your own content, including a contact form. You’ll quickly learn to create and manage your own content and create as many pages as you like.  Support is an email away.

Price: £250/year

Nota Bene:

Daily back ups mean you can be confident that your data is safe – but we do this on a best efforts basis – so if your website is worth millions to you, consider whether you should not be paying a bit more for the extra peace of mind.

There is no “lock in”. Anyone using our installation will be able to export their data and reimport it elsewhere that uses the same platform, or an appropriate import script.