If you run a local business, however small, you may have thought about getting a web presence.  Or perhaps you are online already and need a fresh start? There are plenty of free options today, including our own OurLocality Free! package.

But in many cases small businesses lack the time and expertise to take up such options, even if they are very low-cost.  And, chances are you need a tailored solution and ongoing support. This is where OurLocality for Business comes in.

OurLocality for Business!


  • set you up – you will need to provide us with the basic information, and we’ll do the copy writing if that’s not your thing
  • help you find a suitable and distinctive template, one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or is adaptable as your needs change or grow
  • reserve a domain & help you get it all working correctly, this can be a bit arcane
  • advise on marketing / search engine basics / using social media  and avoid expensive mistakes
  • give you the coaching to help you manage your new site – you’ll need to learn some stuff, but if you know your way around Word, email and facebook, you should be fine
  • provide ongoing support – we won’t disappear the moment the invoice is paid, though the support doesn’t come completely free
  • install and configure appropriate plugins to make your site function professionally and effectively

Cost: £(POA)

Why would you use our platform?

  • you will be networked locally but also search engine friendly
  • support is responsive, friendly and local – not from some remote call centre in a remote corner of the universe
  • you can start very small and grow at a pace that suits you
  • there is no lock-in – if you find that your needs outgrow our capacity to help and support you, we won’t make things difficult and provide you with an export file
  • our systems are open source and even where we use propriety tools – they are never prohibitively expensive
  • our systems are industry strength and used by all sorts of people and businesses from the Prime Minister’s office to CNN
  • our systems don’t cost the earth
  • we won’t flog you something you don’t really need