Terms of Free Support

Free support is genuinely that, but is limited to that which is necessary to get your site up and running quickly and efficiently. You’ll have all you need to get publishing, but it will take you a bit of time to learn the ropes, for web publishing like desktop publishing requires discipline. We provide the basic platform (Free!) and a few hours of hands on help to navigate the system, including changing the look and feel, how to create arresting content and manage your pictures, and ensure you are easily found by your prospective audience.

Here is what we want from you:

  • you are local – we’ll decide how local ;)
  • a plan – X number of pages, the content of which you are prepared to create quickly and efficiently
  • a valid proposition – you have a clear idea of what you want to publish and it meets our overall terms & conditions
  • a timetable – you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies – in fact many of our projects go live in less than a day
  • authority to procede – we understand the need to check things with colleagues, but we expect you to have authority to sign off the milestones
  • a willingness to use the learning resources available – these cost us money to maintain, but it costs us more to answer the same questions again and again
  • basic computing skills – if you can use Word, send email, use facebook, upload a video to Youtube you’ll be fine
  • time to do it – we make time to help you, so it is only fair you do your bit and make your site live as soon as practical

If you need more:

  • buy into our Plus! package. This enables you to modify your css, embed stuff, access to more themes and plugins
  • ask us. You never know we may accede to your request!
  • for a one-off fee (starting at £35), Plus! members can have functionality currently unavailable to others enabled and configured.

We may not be able to provide you with free support if

  • you are still at the evaluation stage, considering options (you may be taking away time that could be devoted to other projects who are ready to go ahead!)
  • you have a grand scheme or complex project that will takes weeks or months to complete – if you pay us, we’ll gladly help you out – check out NonPlus!
  • you do not have the authority to proceed with a project – we cannot develop a project that risks being abandoned
  • you already have a website / facebook page but do not have full control – we have many superpowers, but we cannot take control of your domain without you being the legal owner and administrator
If you are not sure whether you want to go ahead, we’ll happily give you a free 15 minute consultation and you are welcome to setup a trial site.