Looking for help?

If you’re new to ourlocality and web publishing you may want help getting started. We have found this online guide to be helpful:


Our own guide was written back in the old days of WordPress 3.0, which was freshly out and a step change from 2.0. While 4.0 is a great improvement, the basics remain the same, but there are too many changes for us to be able to keep abreast of them, so you’re as well searching the interweb.

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I deleted my sample page

… and I cannot find how to …

Well here is the latest version of the default sample page you just deleted:

If you are the site owner, remember to READ this PAGE and DELETE or make it DRAFT, before you start writing!

Help for Beginners

Free site
Free = DIY. If you want to ask us a question feel free – but do it through the http://support.ourlocality.org forum.
Want personal support? Consider a donation to Sustaining Dunbar.

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I want my own domain name

OurLocality has a nice facility that allows you to use your own domain. As of 2018 for new applicants we charge a small annual fee or monthly fee (£2/m or £24/a).

Why is a domain name good? Instead of:


you can have


NB: the www is redundant, but you can use it if you must. Saves typing and our setup automatically redirects to the non www version anyway if you don’t.

The steps are very straightforward and very commonly performed when websites are transferred from one host to the next, without needing to transfer the domain or change the ownership, which can get a little involved.

NOTE: Since early 2017, we now force SSL security. This means you will have to tell us before you map a domain, that you plan to do so. We’ll grab a new SSL certificate for you to use, which will auto renew.

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The Lightbox Effect

Sometimes you have to display an image which is wider than the content area permits. The Lightbox Plus tool helps overcome the contraints of your template and will cleverly float the image on top of your content. This is known as a Lightbox Effect.

How do you do this? First up, in the plugins activate the Lightbox plugin. Then in Appearance > Lightbox Plus tailor the settings to taste and test a few times to get the hang of it. Don’t change everything at once or you will make your head hurt.

If the demo works but your images don’t float, you will need to check you are linked to the image correclty. Edit the image to see. If the link URL is blank it will not float – our bricks won’t for that reason!

To work with galleries you’ll need to check the WP Galleries box.

Get noticed on OurLocality?

Give the man some support!

Here are some tips for getting yourself noticed on OurLocality.Org as well as elsewhere.

These tips apply to articles published as events (if you have enabled them), posts or pages:

  • Use the Title of your article to grab your reader’s attention
  • Remember readers may not see the headline in context, e.g. on a syndicated news site, facebook, twitter or in a feed / summary
  • Frontload your story, give something away at the start.
  • Use a great looking image to make your point and make sure it is appropriately justified (don’t center!), AND never knowingly nick one (without a credit) and do upload a suitably resized one (size matters)! Continue reading Get noticed on OurLocality?

Hello world!

This site is for OurLocality beginners. If this is your first time, publishing or creating a website, it may sound difficult – even a bit scary. It’s not.

If you can send email you can publish. We cannot guarantee you a top Google position, but assuming you have something interesting to say, our cute tools will make it technically feasible for your hidden talents to be discovered.

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