Are you up for taking the 50 mile challenge?

50 milesWe are looking for 5 families to take the Feed Your Family from within 50 miles Challenge.
The launch of the campaign is the 21st of June (which is when labels will be out to local participating Dunbar and East Linton retailers, restaurants and cafe’s making it easier for you to quickly spot food grown within 50 miles of where we live).
Having said that you don’t need to wait for the launch we can get you started with your feed 50 Mile Food diary asap if you like.
You can decide for how long you would like to take the challenge (1 week, 1 month etc) and while you are at it we would love for you to keep a diary –  to share with others – about your journey.
The diary will be online (we will set you up so you can easily update your online diary any time you like).
Diary entries don’t need to be lengthy – just your thoughts about how easy it is for you to feed your family with food grown within 50 miles,  what food you can’t you find etc.
Contact: to sign up for the challenge


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