SCIO Charity Number SC052108.

We’re in the Dunbar Business Centre on Spott Road

The main entrance is facing Spott Road at the new pedestrian crossing and then follow the maze through to the back.

We’ve got a well equipped workshop and a coffee room and toilets.

We can show you how to use the tools so you can join in

You can help with any of the community projects, make or mend your own things or just have a tea and coffee in company.

If you need a workshop to do something then bring it along and we can all help or hopefully show you how to do it.

At present we’re usually there on a Monday morning 10 – 1, Wednesday afternoon 2 – 4 and Saturday 11 – 4 but we’ll be expanding this and adding other times.

If you have skills you can offer to share then you’ll also be most welcome.

You can get in touch with us by email at